Municipal Court / City of Eugene   Eugene, Oregon


292 W. 12th Avenue, Suite A   Eugene, Oregon 97401   voice: 541.334.6408 

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The City of Eugene’s Municipal Courtroom No. 1 offered a dated and unpleasant environment for the judge, staff and citizens prior to the thorough renovation completed by L. A. Kersh Architecture in 2002.

Bare concrete block walls were replaced with pleasing maple paneling and appropriate lighting. The overall court plan was altered to create a focus on the bench and the gallery seating was shifted to a symmetrical position within the overall courtroom plan. Natural lighting at the back of the judge’s bench was added and physical protection to the judge’s bench and clerk workstations was provided integrally in the casework design.

This plan has been highly successful in its ability to encourage a true sence of justice to those participating in the use of the courtroom.

Municipal Court

City of Eugene